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Successful outpatient treatments for alcoholism require a unique approach that provides the tools necessary to maintain long-term sobriety. ODRF (Outpatient drug rehab Florida) is offering gender-specific, individualized, intensive treatments where we recover together. We are offering one-on-one care for individuals and functions with one of the lowest ratios of therapist to patient in any outpatient rehab case. We are operating with scientific and evidence-based treatment plans. Our groups of recovering patients are gender-specific and small in size which helps us in focusing individually on each patient and achieve better results than any other treatment facility in Florida.

Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehab Florida is proud to maintain highest possible patient care standards at any of the establishment of outpatient drug and alcohol treatments Florida. We strive to remain accountable for all of our efforts that are executed for the welfare of our patients by our staff. Our outpatient drug and alcohol treatment center provides top-notch care facilities for patients that are battling addiction and has been able to achieve top results consistently thanks to a methodology that is based on the most advanced medical practices. Given that addiction affects all aspects of an individual’s body and life, we treat the entire person with empathy, care and understanding. Our philosophy encompasses a bio-psycho-social perspective whereby the physical, social and biological effects of addiction associated with treatments are addressed.

Our highly skilled and exceedingly experienced staff of outpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation Florida focuses individualized care and places great emphasis on exclusive treatments for each individual realizing that each patient is different and has different needs. The medical staff at our outpatient drug and alcohol treatment center Florida fully realizes that the treatments for patients recovering from drug and alcohol abuse goes well beyond the simple stage of discontinuing substance abuse and must address core issues from which the addiction stems.

We endeavor to address pain with empathy and anger with compassion. To know more about our outpatient drug treatment Florida. At outpatient drug rehab centers in Florida, we specialize in the following areas of addiction:

  • Heroin;
  • Methadone;
  • Oxycodone;
  • Barbiturates;
  • Dual diagnosis treatments;
  • Opioids abuse treatments;
  • Alcohol abuse treatment;
  • Drug abuse treatments;
  • Prescription drug abuse treatments;
  • Crystal Methamphetamine abuse treatments;
  • Chronic relapse treatment and prevention;
  • Cocaine/crack cocaine addiction treatments.

ODRF is committed to an evidence-based, therapeutic environment whereby we assist patients in having the best chance for success. We accomplish this goal by developing single and double subject design assessments whereby we are able to adapt and change to modalities that work and eliminate modalities that are failing. It is a primary goal to be accountable for the Florida outpatient treatments for alcoholism we provide and proud of the client success.

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