Our Story

After many years of personal and professional experience in the substance abuse field, David Kolker realized that something was missing. Typically, success rates of addicts and alcoholics maintaining sobriety after treatment is approximately 5-8%. After researching various outpatient drug treatment methods, and the methods of the industry as a whole, the two came to the same conclusion: Underlying issues are rarely addressed.

This was the foundation for SLO Recovery Centers to form in 2012. South Florida is well known for being the “Recovery Capital of America”. Options for treatment both outpatient drug treatment  and partial hospitalization programs are everywhere. The existence of evidenced-based treatment modalities and the incorporation of the family as well as alumni seem to be missing.

SLO Recovery Centers has become a pioneer in the industry for breaking out of the mold. We treat our outpatient program as primary treatment, focusing on the deep core underlying issues that have lead to our addictive behavior. Codependency, shame, abandonment, trauma, and family systems are some of the issues addressed.

We don’t believe that alcohol and drugs are the problem it became our solution. Our job is to help clients deal with the underlying core issues and re-define irrational and dysfunctional ideas and concepts learned during childhood.