Modern Ways of Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation

Outpatient drug rehab Florida is a treatment facility that is dedicated to provide assistance to people struggling with addiction through customized outpatient drug and alcohol treatments Florida. It takes a lot of dedication, specialized knowledge, and a unique analytical approach to come up with solutions that can be highly effective for successful outpatient treatments for alcoholism. Our custom built, individual-specific treatment plans enable people with addition problems to get on the recovery path and transform their lives as well as of their families.

Our Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs

Our Delray Beach based outpatient drug and alcohol treatment program focuses not only on the rather obvious issue of addiction, but also helps recovering individuals with the deeper, fundamental psychological and emotional issues. Drug and alcohol treatment programs at outpatient drug rehab Florida are run in small, gender-specific groups allowing our staff to better focus on individuals thereby achieving better results. The full continuum of care that addresses outpatient drug and alcohol rehab Florida and substance abuse recovery addresses core issues that usually have roots in issues like social functioning, codependency, and family of origin issues. Once we are able to identify these issues, we isolate them and provide thorough and simultaneous treatment of psychiatric issues along with preventing relapse into substance abuse.

Your Trusted Source for Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Florida

At outpatient drug rehab Florida, we struggle to treat each recovering patient with care and empathy as we realize that the process of recovery can be extremely daunting and our patients need all the help they can get, from their families as well as from us.